Bioidentical Facts!

We want to share some Bioidentical FACTS with you.

Bioidentical Hormones are the same at the molecular level as the hormones present in the human body.


What are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical FactsThanks to one of the miracles of genetic engineering, it is possible to create biologically identical hormones that can be used to restore natural and normal hormone levels. This type of therapy treats some of the most common side effects of a hormonal imbalance. This makes them unlike synthetic hormones which are intentionally made to be different. That’s because drug companies can’t patent a Bioidentical structure to make it exclusively theirs, so they invent synthetic hormones that are patentable (Premarin, Prempro, and Provera being the most widely used examples).
Bioidentical hormone therapy is often called “natural hormone therapy” because Bioidentical hormones act in the body just like the hormones we produce. JoyRich Health Care Centers wants you to know all about the Bioidentical Facts so you can make an informed decision. We offer Bioidentical Hormones as a preventive medical approach to dealing with the suffering and effects caused by menopause and andropause.  While no two patients are the same, we closely monitor your levels as before, during and after you treatments to ensure optimum levels for your health.


How do Bioidentical Hormones work?

Bioidentical FactsBefore starting Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, we start with a simple blood test that is extensively analyzed in a lab to show what deficiencies (if any) you may have. As no two people are the same, this blood test will reveal the best coarse of action for each individual patient.  Some of the common imbalances identified through testing include estrogen dominance, estrogen deficiency, progesterone deficiency, androgen (Testosterone treatment, and DHEA) excess or deficiencies, adrenal dysfunction and adrenal fatigue.While numerous studies are in the works involving Bioidentical Hormones, at JoyRich Health Care Centers, we use Bioidentical Hormones because want to prescribe the safest hormones to our patients who want to be treated.”


What benefits can you expect from Bioidentical Hormones?

For some people, they compare it to a veil being lifted. Colors are brighter, moods are lighter and simply put… they feel MUCH better!

Within a day or two many of our clients are simply amazed at the difference they feel once they start this therapy. While that in itself is a great reward, we constantly review your levels to make sure you are maintaining a safe, effective treatment.


What are  the benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy? (BHRT)

Here is a list off some of the advantages of Bioidentical Hormones.

  • Protection against bone loss
  • Protection against increasing blood cholesterol
  • Protection against high blood pressure
  • Protection against breast cancer
  • Protection against cognitive decline
  • Increased sex drive and sensual vitality
  • Protection against prolapse of the uterus and bladder
  • Increased resistance to infection
  • Increase in immune system functioning
  • Increase in muscle tone and strength
  • Increase in memory and cognitive functioning
  • Increase passion for life
  • Decrease or eliminate Hot Flashes
  • and more.

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Bioidentical Facts

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