Lori Wagner retirement party..

Lori Wagner retirement party Lori Wagner is retiring from the Navy. After 26 years of unselfishly serving this great country of ours, we are throwing her a party to recognize her service to our country, we are proud of her service and want you,  her friends, patients and business associates to celebrate it with  us…   … Read more Lori Wagner retirement party..

HRT – Hormone Replenishment Therapy

HRT (Hormone Replenishment Therapy) Over the last 50 years, an massive amount of evidence has emerged revealing the vital connection between declining hormone levels and the occurrence of diseases normally associated with aging. Recent revolutionary medical and scientific information has increased awareness and knowledge about the way we view wellness, prevention and the entire aging … Read more HRT – Hormone Replenishment Therapy

Confidential Addiction Treatment

Are you looking for a addiction treatment program that is completely Confidential? We now offer Confidential addiction treatment Treatment Programs!!! We understand that some people in our community wish to be seen in a completely confidential environment. That is why JoyRich Health Care Centers & BeFree Centers for Addiction now offer “CONCIERGE TREATMENT”. When you call … Read more Confidential Addiction Treatment

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month.The most common cancer among women worldwide is breast cancer. (According to the World Health Organization.) Breast cancer claims the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year and affecting countries around the world, regardless of their region .   Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The Good News! If … Read more Breast Cancer Awareness

High Choleterol

Cholesterol test… why is it important?About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every year. Heart disease is the number one killer of women and men in the U.S. High cholesterol and heart disease affect everyone, no matter your race, gender or ethnic background. A Cholesterol Test is a simple procedure performed by a blood draw. Your risk … Read more High Choleterol

Low Testosterone Treatment

Is it Low Testosterone? It is a common question being asked by people more often today than ever. “Is it Low T?”. Low Testosterone can cause low libido (decreased sex drive), which is a lack of desire for sex that may lead to reduced sexual activity. If you feel that your sex drive is much … Read more Low Testosterone Treatment

Suicide Prevention Month

September is Suicide Prevention Month and together, we can make a difference. PLEASE read and share this information.  Although many people of all walks of life are in need of assistance, the statistics of veterans returning from combat are staggering and sobering. If this information reaches one of our veterans in time of need, we’ve done more … Read more Suicide Prevention Month