Body Shapes

Body Shapes for both men and women can determine much about ourselves.

Estrogen has  significant impact on both male a female Body Shapes. They are produced in both men and women, but their levels are significantly higher in women, especially in those of reproductive age. 
While there are numerous reasons for these different body Body Shapes, In this post we are going to focus on some of the contributing factors to different Body Shapes. We are not promoting that everyone needs similar Body Shapes, We want to focus on what Body Shapes mean to your specific health.

Let’s start with the different Body Shapes.

What is the “perfect Body Shape”?

While it’s estimated that only 2% of people have ideal Body Shapes, thankfully beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The only time we should be concerned is when Body Shapes becomes a medical concern or weight loss issue. This is what we will be focusing on. As we stated in the previous paragraph, estrogen levels and Hormone levels can play a BIG part in Body Shapes. Balancing your hormones with Hormone Therapy can provide you not only with benefits that diet alone cannot, Hormone Therapy can help many women with a myriad of health concerns.


While our society may consider this one of the best Body Shapes, Many people try to obtain this shape by dangerous means or “fad diets” . If this is your “ideal shape”, we have safe, medically proven ways to asses and create a plan designed specifically for you.

 The Hourglass Body Shapes

You have an hourglass figure if…

  • Your full hip-line and your full bust-line are the same width .
  • Your waist is well defined.

Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

Inverted Triangle Body Shapes are often defined if…

  • You have a proportionally large bust,
  • You have broad shoulders, or both.
  • You have narrow hips with a well defined waist.
  • You most likely are a long legged vertical body shape with proportionally slim legs.
  • You may also have a flat bottom

Rectangle Body Shapes

Rectangle Body Shapes are usually defined by…

  • Your full bust-line and full hip-line are about the same width and you have little waist definition,
  • Your legs and arms will typically be proportionally slender
  • You have a small to medium bust
  • You most likely have a balanced body or long legged vertical body shape
  • You may also have a flat bottom
  • You may have had an hourglass figure when you were younger or slimmer
  • You may look shorter and heavier than you really are

 Triangle or Pear Body Shapes

You have this shape if…

  • Your full bust-line is proportionally narrower than your full hip-line and you have a well defined waist.
  • You typically have narrow shoulders.
  • You most likely have a balanced body or short legged vertical body shape.
  • Your thighs are typically full.
  • You may also have a full rounded bottom.

Diamond or Apple Body Shapes

You have this body shape if…

  • Your waist is undefined.
  • You have a large, high stomach.
  • You may have “love handles”.
  • You may also have a full bottom or a flat bottom.

Oval Body Shapes

You have an oval horizontal body if…

  • You have the overall appearance of being round especially around the waist-line.
  • Your waistline is undefined.
  • You have a large, low stomach.
  • You may have “love handles”.
  • Your hips are wide.

If you are a healthy women and are comfortable with the way you look… GO YOU!
We are not trying to have a conformist attitude toward this issue. It is only when it is a health concern that we are focusing on. Too many times we compare ourselves with others or the “Hollywood” idea of perfection. We do not condone this and in fact we are extremely opposed to it.

Many people try to also achieve their ideal Body Shapes with “fad diets” or other unsafe means. If you have one of these Body Shapes in your mind as the “ideal you”, and have tried “fad diets, exercise or both with little or no results… Call us today for a free consultation. If eating right and exercise is not working for you, Hormone Therapy may be the answer to your goals.

Here is a list off some of the advantages of Hormones Therapy.

  • Weight loss
  • Protection against bone loss
  • Protection against increasing blood cholesterol
  • Protection against high blood pressure
  • Protection against breast cancer
  • Protection against cognitive decline
  • Increased sex drive and sensual vitality
  • Protection against prolapse of the uterus and bladder
  • Increased resistance to infection
  • Increase in immune system functioning
  • Increase in muscle tone and strength
  • Increase in memory and cognitive functioning
  • Increase passion for life
  • Decrease or eliminate Hot Flashes
  • and more.

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