Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

We want to tell you a secret about Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy. A Secret about Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy that “Medi-Spas” and other “start up” clinics don’t want you to know… YOU MAY NOT NEED IT! Welcome to The #1 RATED CLINIC in the area for Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy! Also THE ONLY Hormone Replacement … Read more

Healthy Testosterone Treatment Levels for Men

Healthy Testosterone Levels have helped millions of people! Healthy Testosterone Levels may be the cause for you Not feeling as good as you once did! Low Sex Drive? No Energy? We know why and WE CAN HELP!     What are Healthy Testosterone Levels? Healthy Testosterone Levels are produced primarily in the testicles. Healthy Testosterone … Read more

Hormone Replenishment Therapy Facts

Hormone Replenishment Therapy Facts Here are some Hormone Replacement Therapy Facts   While many people are asking “What is Hormone Replenishment Therapy?”, let’s start with a few of the basics. What is Hormone Replenishment Therapy? Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by cell or gland or organ in the body. These messengers are sent out from … Read more

GRAND OPENING of JoyRich Health Care Centers Newest Location!

All of us at JoyRich Health Care Centers wanted to thank everyone who could make it and all of you that sent well wishes for the Grand Opening of our newest office! If you have not seen our newest location, please stop by and say hello!                   … Read more

Purse Snatching

“Sliders” are Purse Snatching.   While we try to focus on the positive with our posts.. This video below”Purse Snatching”  is becoming more and more common, right here in the Lexington area.         Secure your vehicle and you valuables. Be alert of purse snatching!       Don’t be a victim! Please … Read more

Lori Wagner retirement party..

Lori Wagner retirement party Lori Wagner is retiring from the Navy. After 26 years of unselfishly serving this great country of ours, we are throwing her a party to recognize her service to our country, we are proud of her service and want you,  her friends, patients and business associates to celebrate it with  us…   … Read more

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! From the bottom of our hearts… THANK YOU to all that have sacrificed and their families. You are appreciated! To those that lost their lives… YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED! JoyRich Health Care Centers 2387 Professional Heights Plaza Lexington, KY 40503 859-967-9486