Freedom Bound believes that everyone has a chance for freedom from their addictions.  We want to help you break those chains that bind you to the monster within with opioid addiction. We provide medical assisted therapy (MAT) in a non-judgmental and caring environment, helping you be accountable for your well-being.  We believe we can work together, as a team, to encourage, mentor, and monitor your sobriety and success from opioid addiction.  

Private and confidential is our utmost priority for your visits along with your growth and success…physically, spiritually  and mentally. 

You will find at FREEDOM BOUND Centers, licensed medical professionals that have years of experience in recovery and MAT. We will meet with you in a confidential, non-threatening environment to set up a treatment plan specifically designed to aid in your recovery and following SAMSHA guidelines for opioid addiction. 

Every day is a success.. as long as you’re here. 

We DO NOT judge…   WE HELP! 

We are now accepting new patients to our clinic 


Freedom Bound Center
2387 Professional Heights Drive
Lexington, KY 40503