Healthy Hormone – Addiction Treatment Levels

Healthy Hormone – Addiction treatment Levels can change your life for the better but as many of us have seen in recent commercials warnings, if these levels are not monitored and adjusted by a professionally trained medical staff, you may not be getting the results you are desiring and deserve.



online drugsIn spite of some commercials that have been running recently, studies have PROVEN healthy Healthy Hormone – Medical Assisted Addiction Therapy Levels have distinct health benefits for a healthier life but ONLY when these levels are monitored and kept at a healthy level. Too many times we hear stories about practices that simply boost these levels without monitoring key effects this has on your body. If monitored and adjusted (as needed by a professional)  not only is it safe and healthy but long term benefits have been proven in recent studies to have lasting benefits to keep you feeling your best!




Healthy Hormone – Addiction Treatment Levels CAN help you live a better life!

Let’s start with the basics.
While many people are asking “What is Hormone Therapy?”, let’s start with a few of the basics.


  1. What are Hormones?
    Hormones are chemical messengers secreted by cell or gland or organ in the body. These messengers are sent out from one part of the body to affect cells in other parts of the body. Hormones are often released directly into the bloodstream, but they may also be secreted into ducts. Cells respond to a hormone when they express a specific “receptor” (molecule usually found on the surface of the cell.) which in turn causes a specific response from the cell.
  2. What is a Hormone imbalance?
    If you think of your body and it’s Hormones as a perfectly orchestrated choir, when everything is in harmony, it works beautifully. If one member of the choir ( your bodies hormones) is out of tune, it can ruin the entire performance. This imbalance of hormones can have multiple effects on your body and mind. At JoyRich Health Care Centers, we constantly monitor Healthy Hormone – addiction treatment Levels in your body to ensure your treatment is catered TO YOU!
  3. What are the effects of an Imbalance in your Hormones?
    Hormones can have a wide range of effects on the body.


An Imbalance in your hormones can cause…


  • hormone foodHot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Weight Gain
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Low Libido (Low Sex Drive)
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • PMS
  • Depression
  • Fibrosis
  • Foggy Memory

What are Hormones and Hormone Replacement Therapy? (HRT)

questionPeople who ask “What are Hormones and  Hormone Therapy”? are surprised when they hear the advantages of this treatment and the ease of procedure  Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is given to some women whose estrogen and progesterone levels drop significantly because of the menopause. Estrogen and progesterone are hormones. HRT tops up a woman’s levels of essential hormones.



Hormone replacement therapy is the introduction of medications containing female hormones to replace the ones the body no longer makes after menopause. Some of these hormones include addiction treatment, estrogen, and progesterone which are labeled the sex hormones. Thyroid, DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin, cortisol and insulin are a few of the other hormones that can be evaluated or depleted. Hormones travel through the bloodstream, and receptors on the targeted cells tell the cell to perform a certain action. Once the process is completed, the hormone is broken down and leaves the body. Modern medicine has shown us that men and women with healthy levels of hormones are more energetic, more virile, stronger and more successful than those with imbalanced hormones.

 Is Hormone Therapy for everyone?


Healthy photoWhile every person is different, here at JoyRich Health Care Centers, we offer a FREE CONSULTATION for those asking “What is Hormone Therapy” We will help you find the answer if Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for them.

Healthy Hormone – Addiction treatment Levels CAN help you life a better life! We carefully monitor your levels and adjust them to healthy levels in order for you to live a happier more JoyFul life!


Our Program

Those who ask “What is Hormone Therapy”, should consult their Primary Care Facility to understand the benefits of such a program. JoyRich Health Care Centers IS a Primary Care Center and BEYOND!

Before starting our hormone replenishment program we will utilize extensive laboratory testing along with a detailed health history to assess what hormones to recommend. Our methods of replenishment are creams, pellets, injections and capsules. After reviewing your labs with the nurse practitioner you will discuss which method is best for you to assist you in maintaining Healthy Hormone – Addiction treatment Levels.

Creams: Are compounded specifically for each patient. They are usually applied twice daily and absorbed into the skin. This method of delivery is a slower process and your results may vary due to absorption rate and compliance with applying the creams.

Pellets: Pellets are made up of either estradiol or addiction treatment. The hormones are pressed or fused into very small solid cylinders. These pellets are larger than a grain of rice and smaller than a ‘Tick Tac’. In the United States, the majority of pellets are made by compounding pharmacists and delivered in sterile glass vials. There is a ‘FDA approved’ 75 mg addiction treatment pellet. Pellets have been used in both men and women since the late 1930’s. The insertion of pellets is a simple, relatively painless procedure done under local anesthesia. The pellets are usually inserted in the upper buttocks through a small incision, which is then taped. After the insertion of the implants, vigorous physical activity is avoided for 48 hours in women and up to 5 to 7 days in men. Early physical activity is a cause of “extrusion”, which is a pellet working its way out. Complications from the insertion of pellets can include; minor bleeding or bruising, discoloration of the skin, infection, and the possible extrusion of the pellet. Other than slight bruising, or discoloration of the skin, these complications are very rare.

Medical assisted addiction therapy stimulates the bone marrow and increases the production of red blood cells. A low addiction treatment level in older men can be associated with anemia. addiction treatment, delivered by implants or other methods, can cause an elevation in the red blood cells. If the hemoglobin and hematocrit (blood count) get too high, a unit of blood may be donated. Addiction treatment may cause a slight increase in facial hair, deeper voices, and acne in some women.

InjectionsIntramuscular addiction treatment has been used for years due to its effectiveness and low cost. Medical assisted addiction therapy suspended in grape seed oil is injected directly into the muscle usually once a week or every two weeks. Your body slowly absorbs the addiction treatment into the bloodstream. Intramuscular medical assisted addiction therapy injections are deep and may produce pain, site reactions, or severe itching.

CapsulesProgesterone Capsules are available in multiple strengths to afford dosage flexibility for optimum management. Progesterone Capsules contain 50 mg, 100 mg or 200 mg micronized progesterone and are usually taken one to two hours before bedtime.


At JoyRich Health Care Centers, We provide primary care to all patients in an ethical, high quality and compassionate way. We go above and beyond to understand each patients individual needs.

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