Kindness is Contagious

 Kindness is Contagious
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Kindness is ContagiousThere’s enough bad news in the world and as our readers of our blog know, we like to share some positive news as often as possible. This video I came across shows one thing I truly believe in,

Kindness is Contagious”!


We work hard all week to hopefully enjoy our time off with family and friends, so why not focus on the positive things in life rather than what we are flooded with by news channels focusing on the worse 1% of the worlds “news”?

Please take a few moments to watch this “Kindness is Contagious” video and start your weekend off with a feeling of gratitude, love and joy!

You never know how your daily acts of kindness will touch someone that truly needs uplifting.

Kindness is ContagiousKindness is Contagious” is one of the most rewarding rules to live by. You never know how much a person needs a simple smile, a helping hand or just a “hello”. The smallest act of Kindness IS CONTAGIOUS!

Although I don’t know many of you reading this personally… allow me to share this video with the hopes that it makes your day a little better and that kindness or uplifting that you may feel is contagious!



We at JoyRich Health Care Centers want to help keep our followers, patients and friends, positive and joyful!

We hope you enjoy!
Please share this video in the hopes that YOU may reach someone who needs to feel the love and joy of kindness rather than focusing on what divides us.


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Thanks for taking a moment to watch
“Kindness is Contagious”

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