Make a moment!

Make a Moment!

GratitudeI’m sure you’ve ll been there…
I personally needed a lift in my spirit today so I searched for the good.

Rather than being spoon fed the worse 1% of what’s going on in the world
by “Entertainment News”, I went out of my way to find something to lift my spirit.


You know what…?
It didn’t take long!

I saw this video and left work early, not mentioning why to my staff.

After seeing this video, I already felt better but was compelled to head to a local store and follow this example.

Without going into details, I feel I was just as blessed as the receiver was.

Your daily acts of kindness will touch someone that truly needs uplifting.

Make a Moment!
It literally made not only my day better but it aligned my compass to what is really important.

Kindness is one of the most rewarding things we can do for the people around us who are in need of something positive in their lives.
Kindness is also one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves!

I didn’t go out to record a video but I will remember their reaction forever.

  Thanks for taking a moment to watching
“Make a Moment!”

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