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FREESuper Mom’s with MORE ENERGY!
You’ve seen them at the grocery stores, the ball games, the schools; I’m talking about the “super moms” that seem to have more energy than most people and never miss a beat. You’re not sure how they do it, or what the secret is but you know you wish you had the ability to be the same way.  For some women, they are just able to handle the day to day stress better than the average woman, to say the least. Have you ever wondered WHY “Super Mom’s” have more energy?


How YOU can have more energy levels yourself?

Healthy photoThere are many different factors that affect the way a woman’s body deals with stress. To truly help you understand though, we should start at the beginning. Your adrenal glands are what produce a hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that helps your body regulate stress. Often associated with weight gain due to excess cortisol levels, the truth is actually often the opposite of that. Some folks do have excess cortisol, but almost all patients we see at the clinic actually don’t have enough cortisol being produced by their adrenal glands. When the body becomes stressed it stimulates the adrenal glands to produce cortisol to help the body deal with the stress. The body is able to handle this stimulation and production somewhat regularly, but when it is happening on a daily basis, the adrenal glands become overstimulated and cannot keep up with cortisol production. It is at this point you’re your body becomes cortisol deficient, making it nearly impossible for you to produce enough cortisol to keep up as long as the body continues being under stress, and leading many people to an inevitable “breakdown”. Supplementation through medication or natural supplements is the most effective way to help improve and heal your adrenals as your stress continues each day. Everyone from chiropractors to nutritionists, to homeopathic physicians and many others will treat adrenal issues. But the safest and most effective way to have your adrenals treated in many cases is to go see a licensed medical clinic with a practitioner that has experience in the field of treating hormones and stress related issues for testing and treatment. One of the more effective ways of testing is a salivary cortisol test. This gives an experienced physician the most clear and concise diagnosis to know EXACTLY how your adrenal glands are functioning and the best way to treat them which should get you on the road to the speediest recovery.
ID-100207118Let’s also classify “stress” though, what is it really? “Stress” is an emotion that is felt when the brain becomes overwhelmed with troubling situations, worry, an abundance of tasks to perform, many different causes can fall under the category of stress. One area that many people do not realize as a huge factor is decision making. Women are forced with more decisions to make now of days than ever before in history. As our lives have improved, our choices have become greater. Even to the point now that many of the decisions we make every day we do not even consciously realize we are making. Choices to use paper instead of plastic at the grocery store, what brands of food or clothes to buy, anything from a decision as small as what air freshener scent to put in your car after it is washed to what school to send your children too. We are faced with decisions every day. And it is this barrage of decision making that when coupled with problems with the family, a million tasks to accomplish in a day, dinner to prepare, children to be shuttled around each day, simply overwhelms many women. It is a reason why so many women are suggested anti-depressants by their physicians, in most cases though;anti-depressants are not the solution to the problem.

For most women, the answer to the problem is to get their bodies back to being healthy again. The stress will not go away, families will not cease to need you, jobs will not quit being demanding, nor will paychecks show up magically in the mailbox. The stress of your day to day life will remain, so we are left with only one option…managing it. Many women do not even realize how their health has slipped. Think back to when you were younger, did you feel the way you feel now? Yes, stress may have been less than it is now, but new research is emerging showing that teenagers are met with the same stress if not more than as they grow older in life. When when you think back to how you you had more energy when you were young, do you feel even close to that way now? For many women the answer is no. And the reason why many of those women feel so poorly is their body is not able to deal with stress and other outside affects the way it used to be able to. This includes adrenal glands that are poorly functioning, inadequate vitamin levels within the body; b12 is a very important vitamin for more energy and stress management. Hormone imbalance is also another issue that many women do not realize they have, nor how greatly it affects their ability to have more energy, which in turn helps their body’s way to deal with stress. Many women consider hormone imbalance to be for menopausal women, and do not realize how greatly it affects even women as young as in their early 30’s. Hormone imbalance can very likely be the reason why your energy is low, you’re not able to deal with stress, the desire for sex is just not what it used to be anymore, hair is dry or thinning, skin is dry, your gaining weight and can’t seem to get it off, and a whole slew of other issues that are DIRECTLY affected by hormone imbalance. It’s something that is easily corrected, but unfortunately plagues many women.
SuboxoneWhile hormone imbalance or vitamin deficiency may be an issue, one thing that can virtually be guaranteed is that if you are stressed out on a regular basis and feel tired or run down, your adrenal glands are suffering severely for the price you are paying to continue your day to day activities. There is an old saying, “pay me now or pay me later” and that holds very true to this subject. You may be able to get away for the next 10 years or even more with over exhausting your adrenals and temporarily fixing the situation each day with coffee and energy drinks, (which hurt your adrenal glands more) but eventually the day will come where your lifestyle will catch up with your body and you will hit rock bottom. Our bodies can tolerate abuse for a long time, but eventually they will hit their breaking point. You don’t want to take the chance of your body hitting this point and having possible serious negative health repercussions that will come with it. Begin to repair your body now and work towards getting healthy now. I like to tell patients that they need to think of it as repairing the damage you are doing to your body each day in hopes of reversing some of the damage. You can’t prevent your adrenal glands from being over stimulated, but you CAN begin to build your adrenal glands back up with prescribed medicines and supplements that will help to repair the damage done to your adrenal glands each day. And if you want to work towards being that “super mom” each day that you know you can be, repairing your body and keeping it healthy while you work towards that goal is essential.

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