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New Study suggests hormone replenishment may prevent brain aneurism in women.

Hormone Therapy

New Research Suggests Hormone Replenishment May Prevent Brain Aneurysm in Women!

A study reported in the Journal of Neurointerventional Surgery states that women who receive Hormone Replenishment treatment are at significantly lower risk of brain aneurysm.

Dr. Michael Chen, MD, of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago indicated that women who received hormone replenishment treatments were at “a substantially lower risk of brain aneurysm after adjustment for other factors (odds ratio 0.23, 95% Cl 0.13 to 0.42).”

“These results strengthen the case that estrogen plays a part in development of cerebral aneurysm, which may have some important clinical implications” Crystal Phend, Senior Staff Writer for MediPage Today wrote.

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