New Measures for Opioid Treatment

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February 9, 2016
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May 6, 2016
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New Measures for Opioid Treatment

Addiction is a MONSTER! We Can Help!

The Obama administration announced new measures today to combat the growing epidemic of heroin and prescription opioid abuse, most of which are centered on prevention and opioid treatment, not crime-fighting.

Opioid TreatmentThe most significant monetary investment in the plan is $94m in “new funding” that Health and Human Services Department (HHS) released earlier this month, so that 271 Community Health Centers could expand “medication-assisted treatment of opioid use disorders in under served communities”. This funding could result in the centers treating 124,000 new patients, according to the White House.


With the Center for Decease Control  stating ” Opioids were involved in 28,647 deaths in 2014 and opioid overdoses have quadrupled since 2000.” the timing is too late for many but hopefully opioid treatment can assist others in the future.

Opioid helpHere in Kentucky, we find that treatment facilities themselves have been attacked for trying to help those in need from the “Demon” of this addiction. Some reporters have written several stories (such as several made by Miranda Combs a reporter for WKYT ) had made clinics and those who ran them seem like they, themselves were the problem. While some clinics surly do not follow regulations, blaming all of them by making them look shady or seedy (see article here),  simply is not fair or accurate. This also seems to be one of the may reasons some people who need help NEVER reach out!


The frightening part of reporters making those in need of help shy away from it can be found in numerous articles, even articles by WKYT reporters.  LINK 1 – LINK2


Yes, there are ALWAYS those who will abuse almost anything. As someone who lost two of my brothers to drug addiction, I pray that people who are wanting their lives back from the “vortex” of helplessness caused by this addiction, KNOW that there IS HOPE! There ARE clinics that care, there are people who aren’t in it “just for the money”.

The doctors and/or clinics you speak of in BOTH of these articles that abuse the treatment without following Federal guidelines, should be the ones who suffer, NOT THE PEOPLE NEEDING HELP!

If you search for the bad in anything, YOU WILL FIND IT!

WKYT Miranda CombsFor those in need of help…

please do not be deterred by these or similar articles.
There ARE places that care about YOU.
Get off the street, drop the fear, hopelessness and anxiety.




We know just how deadly addiction can be as many of our staff has suffered loss to this terrible tragedy.

We also know, sometimes, it can be difficult or seem impossible for may to reach out for help.

We want to let you know THERE IS HOPE!

Concerned about your privacy and still need help with your addiction?





I see it daily.
There is hope & may God bless you in journey of recovery!

Dan Mitchell




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