Primary Care Clinic

Primary Care Clinic

JoyRich Health Care Centers offers Primary Care Clinic & BEYOND for patients in the Lexington and surrounding areas. We are a Primary Care Clinic that bridges the gap between traditional medicine and nontraditional methods of care to meet your healthcare goals.

 Services available for primary care include:

  • Primary Care Clinic
  • Treatment of acute illnesses and health concerns (such as flu, cold, injuries)
  • Management of chronic health issues (such as diabetes, pain, high blood pressure)
  • Health promotion and disease prevention through education and nutrition(such as diet and wellness planning)
  • Health monitoring and Wellness exams
  • School and Athletic Physicals
  • Work Physicals
  • Neutraceuticals and supplements
  • Vitamin deficiency, heavy metal, food sensitivities and other blood testing and treatment programs
  • Massage Therapy – Deep tissue massage, pain management, Soft tissue pain neuromuscular medical massage
  • Affordable blood tests for those without insurance
  • Payment plans available if needed
  • Hormone Replenishment for Women
  • Testosterone Replenishment for Men
  • Medical Assisted
  • Certified Nutritionist

MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED!  For those who need primary health care but are without insurance, we want to provide you with the same high quality, personal care as those individuals that have insurance. We can set up a special payment plan to fit your budget if you qualify. We provide our initial visit to get to know you and establish your health care goals and needs for $70. We don’t want lack of insurance to hinder you from quality primary care.

Our Practitioners and Staff at JoyRich Health Care Centers provide our clients and community exceptional quality healthcare and preventative programs that are designed to fit any budget.
We have expanded from “just primary care”, to primary care clinic and BEYOND.  Integrating wellness, hormone and nutritional replenishment, pharmaceutical supplements, weight loss, massage therapy for pain management, and well coaching. Call now to find out about our various services.

At JoyRich Health Care Centers, We provide primary care to all patients in an ethical, high quality and compassionate way. We go above and beyond to understand each patients individual needs.

If you are looking for a primary care clinic that meets ALL your needs…

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We are here to help!

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