Private Addiction Center

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“Private Addiction Center”
We all know someone who has an addiction problem and the demons that come with that addiction. We created this video to let the victims of addiction, their friends and families know about these demons these addictions create for EVERYONE involved. These demons live within people who are struggling with addictions but the “real message” here is…


Our “Private Addiction Center” Will have you on the road to recovery in just 3 hours!

In short, we feel that public figures and professionals that have a substance abuse problem had nowhere to go for help. Even if they knew they had a problem, where would they go where they wouldn’t be seen by other patients packed in a waiting room for hours at a time. Our new Private Addiction Center Changes all that!


Our Private Addiction Center will have you on the road to recovery in just 3 HOURS!   We treat addictions such as… opiate and heroin, alcohol, painkillers and more. Unlike other treatment centers where you sit in a waiting room with other patients, not knowing if you’ll be seen by one of your peers, our “Discreet Program” offers enhanced protection from these worries. This means… • No waiting rooms – • Not being seen by peers – • Private entrance and exit to our facility – • No long waits (the doctor is waiting for you, in a private setting, at a VERY specific time) – • “In home” visits for treatment once you are an established patient. – These added benefits, while they do cost more than our other treatment plans, simply gives you more peace of mind if you need more a more discreet, private, drug or alcohol treatment plan.


Private Addiction Center

We are here to help!

Private Addiction Center

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