Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness


What is the Secret to Happiness?

The Secret to HappinessWhenever we ask someone would you like to be Happier or or more Sad… the answer comes back 100% of the time the same. EVERYONE wants to be happier. So why is it then that so many people are stuck in a vortex of misery? Yes, there are extreme circumstances that cannot be overlooked or discarded but for the most part, The Secret to Happiness is a learned decision. Stay with me on this! The Secret to Happiness comes from choosing to be happy with whatever you do, strengthening your closest relationships and taking care of yourself physically, financially and emotionally.







 Many studies on The Secret to Happiness have approached this subject but over a course of almost 100 years, all of the studies seem to correlate.


Matthieu Ricard “The Happiest Man in the World” (according to Neuroscientist  Richard Davidson)  summed it up very nicely when describing The Secret to Happiness.

“It’s a natural effect: You are open and kind to others, and without even noticing, you are happy.”

“If you’re only preoccupied with yourself, even though you’re trying to be happy, you turn your back to happiness and you make yourself miserable. Either you get a win-win situation or a lose-lose situation.” **


If that wasn’t enough to empower you, that you possess everything you need to unlock The Secret To Happiness, read on…


Choose to be happy with whatever you do!

“Choose to be happy” may seem like it over simplifies the issue, however, here are some figures from a recent study that may shine a light on The Secret to Happiness.

Of all the people in the study, those of which classified themselves as “Extremely Happy” are defined below.

93% of those extremely happy said they are in excellent or very good health

78% of those extremely happy said they exercise at least three times per week

77% of those extremely happy said the state of their relationship was either the “greatest” of “very good”

75% of those extremely happy give a top box rating to the importance of success in their intimate relationships

67% of those extremely happy said the happiest period of their lives is now.

62% have not and do not expect to hit a mid-life crisis.

49% of those extremely happy said they are already pursuing their dreams.


Implications for you as an individual

Choose happiness in whatever you do.

Strengthen your closest relationships.

Take care of yourself physically, financially and emotionally.



2015 Survey
Secret to HappinessThis year’s survey suggests The Secret to Happiness is simply based on your decision to CHOOSE to be happy with whatever you do, strengthen your closest relationships and take care of yourself physically, financially and emotionally.




Over the course of almost 100 years and numerous studies, the results all seem to come back to 3 things that control The Secret to Happiness.

1: Good for others:

Cherish your most important relationships.
Be a contribution.

2: Good at it:

Do more of what you’re good at and less of what you’re not so good at.

3: Good for me:

Take care of yourself, your health and well-being, your financial security, and balance work with time for yourself. 


*** If you are in the position of a “team leader”, know that there are 3 areas you should focus on to help your team discover The Secret to Happiness .

Secret to Happiness1: Focus on how your team members feel about what they are doing not solely what they are doing.

2: Focus on your relationships with your team members.

3: Invest in your teams’ physical, financial and emotional well-being.



Again… ask ANYONE you know if they want to be more happy or more sad.

The answer is ALWAYS the same!

Bottom line… happiness is a choice.


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The Secret to Happiness

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