Sports Physical

What to expect at your Sports Physical


School, Camp and Sports Physicals
have two main parts



  • Height, weight, blood pressure and pulse
  • Vision
  • Heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose and throat
  • Posture, joints, strength and flexibility



  • Serious illnesses among other family members
  • Past illnesses, injuries, hospitalizations and surgeries
  • Whether you’ve passed out, felt dizzy, had chest pain, or strained breathing during exercise
  • Any medications you are on

***Usually the school has a form to be completed by the healthcare provider. Please bring this form already filled out with your personal information and the NP/MD can complete it during your visit to take back to your school to clear you to participate in sports at your school.

Athletes should have a sports physical six weeks before the start of the sport season; however this can vary due to changing sport seasons. This timing provides an opportunity to address an existing injury or improve conditioning prior to participation in the activity.

Our NEW PATIENT INFO¬†at JoyRich Health Care Centers can be downloaded by clicking the “NEW PATIENT LINK” above. Fill this out prior to a visit for added convenience. This covers questions about serious family illnesses, hospitalizations, past injuries, and a player’s overall health. If a problem is discovered, we can work together to develop a plan to prep the athlete for competition.

Requirements of sports physicals can vary by state and sport. Be sure to check with your sports program administrator about the necessary requirements, in order to be cleared to participate.


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