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BeFree Centers is a service also located in the JoyRich Health Care Centers.

 Our Clinic is designed to help people be free from opioid and heroin dependency… a serious, life altering disease that requires medical treatment and BeFree Centers is here to help you!



Opioids are drugs that either are derived from opiates such are morphine, codeine or heroin. Examples of opioids include some prescription painkillers (such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, buprenorphine, methadone) and heroin.

An individual is generally considered opioid dependent when 2 things occur:
++ repeated opioid use is needed in order to feel good or to avoid feeling bad

++ The  opioid use continues in spite of its negative effects. For example, people who are opioid dependent will feel a need to keep using opioids even if it hurts the user’s health, job, finances, or family.

You will find at BeFree Centers for addiction, Licensed Medical Professionals are available at your convenience for an initial consultation, meeting you in a confidential , non-threatening environment to set up a treatment plan specifically designed to aid in your recovery.

BeFree Centers offers Opioid Dependency treatment at a low cost to you.

If you have more questions about Addiction treatment…

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