Addiction can strike ANYONE!

Addiction can strike ANYONE! It knows NO boundaries. Columbine Survivor Austin Eubanks Opens Up About His Addiction After the Shooting About ADDICTION By Dorri Olds 05/09/16 “I could literally get whatever I wanted. Telling them I’d been shot at Columbine and lost my best friend was like [getting] an open prescription book from any doctor.” … Read more


Subject: Medicaid vs Children Medicaid vs Addiction Treatment Hello everyone. I’m reaching out to YOU to simply to read this message. I lost two brothers and numerous friends to drug addiction and I know I cannot save them… I since have started a Treatment Facility to help save the lives of other people and their families. With … Read more

Do you or someone you know need help with an addiction problem?

I’m going to talk straight with you about those with an addiction problem. People with an addiction problem sometimes need a friend or family members help to get better. Hopefully, together, we can save some lives!   If you clicked into this blog, chances are pretty good that you or someone you know is suffering … Read more