2017 Flu shot

2017 Flu shot It’s that time of year.     Every year our industry does it’s best to figure out which Flu Vaccines will be most effective.   Starting this week, JoyRich Healthcare Centers will be offering “Flucelvax Quadrivalent” Flu Vaccines. This vaccine protects you against four strains of the influenza virus. It now targets … Read more 2017 Flu shot


As most of us are aware, Flu shots are in short supply this year. At JoyRich Health Care Centers, we have obtained enough to supply many of our local businesses. One of our trained nurses will come to your place of business with our onsite service to administer the preventative flu vaccine. If this is something you … Read more FLU SHOTS AT YOUR WORKPLACE!

Flu Shot

Flu Shot Why should people get a flu shot? It’s that time of year again. While a flu shots seem to be in short supply this year, JoyRich health Care Centers is here to help you. Influenza is a serious disease that can cause numerous symptoms and sometimes even death. Every flu season is a … Read more Flu Shot

Flu shots and more!

Flu shots and more! While many people are looking to get flu shots this time of year, there are other ways to prepare yourself to fight the flu. Each year the flu hits millions, sometimes lingering for days, sometimes weeks. According to research or other evidence, while flu shots are a great way to combat … Read more Flu shots and more!