Primary Care

Primary Care Clinic If you are looking for a new Primary Care Facility JoyRich Health Care Centers is accepting new patients. JoyRich Health Care Centers offers Primary Care Clinic & BEYOND for patients in the Lexington and surrounding areas. We are a Primary Care Clinic that bridges the gap between traditional medicine and nontraditional methods of care … Read more

Want to feel better and live a Joyful life?

Want to feel better and live a Joyful life? Balancing your system When you are young, your body produces the correct levels of hormones to keep you healthy and in balance. As individuals age, an imbalance in any one area of hormones, diet or lifestyle, can cause your metabolism to be thrown out of balance … Read more

Pain and inflammation?

Pain and/or Inflammation got you down? Suffering from pain and Inflammation and its effects are at the root of many illnesses and disease processes. In fact, most chronic health challenges involve some degree of inflammation. But acknowledging and addressing it are two very different entities.  Coexisting conditions of pain: Many people who have chronic pain also may … Read more


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