Treatment Advisers

Why are Treatment Advisers so important?

Many people addicted to painkillers may think they can overcome it alone. If you are thinking this way, please consider the following: Opioid cravings are extremely strong and can occur months and even years after your last use. The intensity of these urges can put even the most committed people at risk for relapse. Treatment Advisers can help you understand many aspects of your addiction and healing.

Daniel Mitchell
Medical Assisted Addiction Therapy Treatment Adviser

Dan Mitchell started his Counseling / Ministry in 1983 with the United States Marine Corp as an assistant Minister. During this time he would help fellow Marines with numerous issues including PTSD and other conditions. His personal loss of both his brothers to painkillers motivated him to became a Certified, Ordained Minister in order to reach out to as many people as he can to overcome the hurdles they face when going through treatment.

With over 30 years experience in helping others he also became a child advocate to try to help as many youths with personal issues as possible. His straight forward, yet friendly attitude and understanding demeanor made him a perfect fit for our team.

With the loss of both of his brothers to opioid dependency , he is driven to solely focus on medical assisted addiction therapy patients to help them BeFree from their addiction!

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