Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D Deficiency

Do you know the importance of vitamin D to keep a body healthy? Most people know the basics but here are some symptoms a Vitamin D deficiency that you may not have known.

What is vitamin D deficiency?

It simply means that you are not getting enough vitamin D to stay healthy.
Here are some of the most common risk factors for vitamin D deficiency:

having dark skin
being an older adult
being overweight or having obesity
not eating much fish or dairy
living far from the equator in areas where there is little sun year-round
always using sunscreen when going out; however, using sunscreen is important in helping prevent sun-damaging effects to the skin, including skin cancer
staying indoors
having chronic kidney disease, liver disease, or hyperparathyroidism
having a health condition that affects nutrient absorption, such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease
having gastric bypass surgery
using certain medications that impact vitamin D metabolism

Vitamin D Deficiency most commonly is expressed by:

*Chronic Pain

*Chronic Depression

* Increased exposure chances of infection/viruses

Benefits of Vitamin D:

*Decreased pain and depression

*Decreased inflammation

*Creates an exterior barrier helping increase susceptibility to infection risk of disease.

*boosts immunity

*Reduces fatigue

Supplementation of Vitamin D improves antimicrobial peptides and proteins and also playas a role in glutathione metabolism. Supplement that also help the absorbtion of Vitamin D include NAC, Magnesium, Vitamin A and Vitamin K(2).

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