Want to feel better and live a Joyful life?

Want to feel better and live a Joyful life?

Balancing your system

When you are young, your body produces the correct levels of hormones to keep you healthy and in balance. As individuals age, an imbalance in any one area of hormones, diet or lifestyle, can cause your metabolism to be thrown out of balance resulting in an assortment of symptoms. Like a well-balanced, well-designed mobile, the weight of each piece affects the balance of other pieces. The goal of hormone replenishment therapy (HRT) is to routinely measure your hormone levels, make adjustments as necessary, and keep your system in balance.

There are two main choices for hormone replenishment therapy: synthetic hormone replenishment and bio-identical hormone replenishment. In the past, synthetic hormone replenishment was the primary treatment for menopausal women; however, bio-identical hormone therapy has come to the forefront due to its decreased risks and increased benefits over synthetic hormone replenishment therapy.

As bio-identical hormones mimic the hormones that our body produces naturally, the side-effects often associated with synthetic hormones are virtually eliminated. The doses of bio-identical hormones are also individualized based on the deficiencies found via blood testing, whereas synthetic hormones tend to be a “one size fits all” dose.

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