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Lori Wagner

One of the first nurse practitioners in the country! Ms Wagner and JoyRich Health Care Centers is the Proud Recipient of the “PATRIOTIC EMPLOYER AWARD!“ One of the VERY few primary Care Centers to win this prestigious award given to Ms. Wagner and the staff of JoyRich Health Care Centers by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. She started her Primary Care Facility in 1998; the beginning of a new era in health care. This allowed us to have nurse practitioners in a variety of setting such as primary care, women’s health, children, nursing homes, businesses and factories, in home medical visits, hospitals and psychiatric practices.

Ms Wagner’s experience in these various settings add to her strong acute and critical care background, primary care and integrated health care for the past 17 years as a nurse practitioner. She is nationally certified as an Acute Care and Adult Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She has served 30 years in the US Navy Nurse Corp, adding a deeper dimension to her commitment of caring for a wide variety of patients in all settings. Ms Wagner continues that pride of caring for her patients as an advanced practitioner within JoyRich Healthcare Centers’ integrated medical center.

Random facts: A student of Nelson’s Taekwondo America , she is a Black belt in Taekwondo! (be nice to her) 🙂 , she is extremely patriotic, loves her coffee, excels at dropping her cell phone and did I mention loves her coffee?”

Dan Mitchell
Addiction Treatment Adviser
USMC (veteran)
Life Coach

Dan Mitchell started his Counseling / Ministry in 1983 with the United States Marine Corp as an assistant Minister. During this time he would help fellow Marines with numerous issues including PTSD and other conditions. With over 30 years experience in helping others he also became a child advocate to try to help as many youths with personal issues as possible. His straight forward, yet friendly attitude and understanding demeanor made him a perfect fit for our team. His personal loss of both his brothers to painkillers motivated him to continue his education, ultimately creating his “No Judgement, Just Empowerment!“ method of reaching out to others.

Combining this method with his ministry of over 30 years he’s been able to reach out to as many people as he can to overcome the hurdles they face when going through treatment. With his personal losses so great to this “DEMON“ of addiction, he is driven to focus on his patients without being judgmental and simply comes from a background of understanding more than just books about the subject but has lived with this DEMON and connects with patients on a great level, helping them BeFree from their addiction!

Random facts:

He has been a Child advocate for years, plays drums, travels on weekends to explore his photography skills and sneaks out of work occasionally to play disc golf.

Therapy Dog”

Kyro is originally from Florida but really didn’t care much for the heat. One of the most popular additions to our team, she is quick with a hug and a kiss to all who greet her. You know where Dan is based on which way Kyro is walking.

She loves meeting new people and has an innate ability to brighten anyone’s day. While we couldn’t be more proud of her and what she brings to our team here at JoyRich, she knows, without a doubt, she’s adorable!

Random facts: Kyro loves attention, especially when treats are involved, enjoys long drives, playing Disc Golf with her Dad and (don’t tell anyone) really likes cats.”

We have expanded from “just primary care“, to primary care and BEYOND. Integrating wellness, hormone and nutritional replenishment, pharmaceutical supplements, weight loss, massage therapy for pain management, and well coaching. Call now to find out about our various services.

At JoyRich Health Care Centers, We provide primary care to all patients in an ethical, high quality and compassionate way. We go above and beyond to understand each patients individual needs.”

If you are looking for a Primary Care Center we are here to help!”

We are here to help!

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