WKYT Miranda Combs – an open letter response to

WKYT Miranda Combs

This is an open response to WKYT Miranda Combs article that appeared on Feb 08, 2016

Once again Miranda Combs…

If this article was “Inspired to open dialog” (as you stated in your last “EXPO, hidden van piece”) …

YOU are in fact doing MUCH more than that.

YOU are, in my opinion, contributing to the rising death rate of heroin users in Kentucky.

WKYT Miranda Combs While I’m sure it is your intent to get ratings… why, in the name of God, is it at the expense of those seeking help for their addictions. We see patients get their families, children, careers and lives back in our program. It is not a lifetime treatment. It is meant to EMPOWER patients so they can effectively regain their lives from the Monster of addiction.

To ostracize people into thinking that this treatment is NOT effective and in fact a “seedy” or “shady” is doing a GREAT disservice to the community. You are playing with their lives.

WKYT Miranda Combs* In 2014 alone there was a 30 percent jump in fatal drug overdoses in Fayette County.

(I fear the 2015 figures (when finalized) will even be higher.)

Many of these lives… husbands, wives, children and friends of loved ones in our community could have been saved by the same program you are demonizing.

Yes, there are ALWAYS those who will abuse almost anything. As someone who lost two of my brothers to drug addiction, I pray that people who are wanting their lives back from the “vortex” of helplessness caused by this addiction, KNOW that there IS HOPE! There ARE clinics that care, there are people who aren’t in it “just for the money”.

The doctors and/or clinics you speak of in BOTH of these articles that abuse the treatment without following Federal guidelines, should be the ones who suffer, NOT THE PEOPLE NEEDING HELP!

If you search for the bad in anything, YOU WILL FIND IT!

WKYT Miranda CombsFor those in need of help…

please do not be deterred by this or similar articles. There ARE places that care about YOU. Get off the street, drop the fear, hopelessness and anxiety.

I see it daily.

There is hope & may God bless you in journey of recovery!

Dan Mitchell


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